Take a look at my digital portfolio to see some of the social media campaigns, digital products, and sample work that I’m proudest of, including projects focused on fan engagement, raising funds for charity, and more.


I have written email newsletters for AOL Health’s 200,000 subscribers on diet and fitness topics, independent publisher New Hope Media on adoption and ADHD for 200,000 subscribers, for the TCS New York City Marathon’s 50,000 marathoners about a new social media campaign, and for Queens Public Library’s millions of customers, about new additions to the book, film, and digital collections; new events; free classes; and more.

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NYRR Instameets

The goal: To drive awareness of and foot traffic to NYRR’s marquee pre-race events, including the United Airlines NYC Half Expo and the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Pre-Party Presented by New Balance, providing added sponsor value.

The strategy: Using social media analytics, I identified key social media influencers who were engaging with our brand hashtags, invited them to attend VIP, influencer-only events hosted by NYRR for the opportunity to meet and mingle with other influencers, receive exclusive photo opportunities, and get branded swag, of course.

The results: The social activity the two #NYRRInstameets, hosted during the race weeks of the #UnitedNYCHalf and #AirbnbBKHalf, generated 72% to 130% more impressions per post than the average activity generated by non-influencers on the same days and 12% of the overall social impressions of each day in the span of just a couple of hours, all on a shoestring budget.


The goal: To drive awareness and tune-in promotion around the WABC broadcast of the 2015 United Airlines NYC Half, featuring Olympian runners, celebrities, and 20,000 runners of all ages and abilities.

The strategy: I devised a plan to host a race-before-the-race, inviting three of our biggest social influencers, Tatyana McFadden, Meb Keflezighi, and Tiki Barber to take to Twitter to compete to answer the most fan questions in a half-hour time period. All promotional materials announcing the chat-based contest and all assets used during the contest contained tune-in information.

The results: Due to the high visibility of the influencers involved and the buzz we generated on social media, media outlets, including Runners’ World, and other sports organizations, including the Olympics joined in. Held two days before the race, this half-hour’s worth of organic social media (without any paid buy behind it) generated 20% of the tweets of the entire race day and generated 30% of the social media impressions—impressions of the tune-in information—of race day. Meaning with zero budget, we generated a significant percentage of the activity the event with millions of dollars in funding generated. The takeaways: It does not take a lot of funding, time, or promotion to generate interest on social media—sometimes all you need is a concentration of influencers creating a conversation at the same time; leveraging social influencers can be more cost-effective than paid social buys.

Get Your New York On, #TCSNYCMarathon Journey Video

This microsite/social media campaign launched in July 2015 and was an active promotion through February 2016. I managed the work of two external agencies, integrated Marketo and Google Analytics, was responsible for the copywriting, and oversaw the entire promotion plan and content marketing strategy for this campaign.

Supporting the marathon’s marketing campaign tagline, Get Your New York On, this is a video storytelling platform for marathoners, fans, and volunteers to create their own video recap of their race—using content from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—and share them socially. Two thousand unique 15-second videos were created, using user-generated content presented with event-branded logos, and shared socially generating over a million impressions.


After natural disaster struck in 2013, NYRR and UNICEF USA partnered to launch a virtual run, social media campaign, and fundraiser on Crowdrise to support the people of the Philippines. Raising over $173,000 in less than 2 months, the campaign had a huge impact. I helped oversee the launch of the microsite, social media campaign, and promotions.


I have led social media workshops for industry conferences–including Social Media Week, staff and senior management. I am comfortable discussing the nitty-gritty of functionality and the big picture of strategy, reach and just what the return on investment may be of implementing a particular social tactic. Below are some of the classes I have developed:

Social Media for Beginners

Social Media for Business, Professional Use

Social Media and the Job Search

Pinterest for Beginners

Facebook for Beginners

Google+ for Beginners

Twitter Tutorial

LinkedIn Tutorial

Goodreads Tutorial